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Why "Built in Toronot" ?

Benefits of Built In Toronto(BIT) startup community – It’s all about the relationships you make.
As member you have access events, guieds, training for technologists, startups and entrepreneurs!

  • Members-only access online resources and content.
  • Entrance to all Built in Toronto events at no cost.
  • Learn how to validate your ideas and practice reasearchs.
  • Room to succeed based on ability, perseverance, and achievement, not credentials and connections.
  • Meet a like-minded people means, you have an increased chance of meeting someone who’s willing to take you under their wing and mentor you.
  • Connect with Accelerators, Funds & Investors.
  • You have a chance to improve your professional and personal network.
  • Expose to diversity of opinion, ideas, and knowledge that you would never encounter alone as entrepreneur.
  • Having a community to rely upon means that you’re surrounded by people who know exactly what it is you’re going through.

Why care about building a Startup Community?

The community starts movements are so awesome, they are adopted and adapted by other communities.

  • Toronto ranks within top 20 successful output startups globaly.
  • Startups can now be built for thousands, rather than millions of dollars.
  • Toronto ecosystem markets reach is around 70% globaly
  • Startup Community held together by the passion and commitment of its members.
  • Surrounded by a community of many of alumni, mentors, and investors who are excited to help you succeed.
  • Startup Communities can offer legitimacy for startups participating in that community, and a halo effect can even develop
  • Startup Communities attract new entrepreneurs and other actors as network partners, for example investors, lawyers, accountants, etc.
  • Startup Communities create a shared identity, this leads to a shared culture in which members feel a strong commitment, or willingness to help each other
  • Research shows that for close to three decades, companies less than five years old have created almost all net averaging about three million jobs each year
  • Startup Communities give founders a sense of belonging, and communities can give comfort when entrepreneurs realize that their peers cope with similar challenges
  • Toronto-Waterloo has the highest Startup Output in Canada. One of the Corridor’s biggest strengths is its Global Connectedness with other top startup ecosys-tems and the Percentage of Foreign Customers — result-ing in #5 overall in Market Reach.

Built In Toronto, is in the making...

Built in Toronto (BIT)'s mission is to build a stronger business ecosystem by providing connectivity and resources.
Join us in building the 'Toronto Startup Community' to be the first one in our early access list.